Everyone is differently affected by the motion of being on the water and the unfortunate truth is a very small percentage of our guests do experience motion discomfort more commonly referred to as “sea sickness”. It is certainly nothing to be embarrassed about should it happen to you and there is little than can be done to make you feel better once you become sea sick or while you remain on the water. This is an effect typically of offshore fishing with the open ocean waves and swells bringing the discomfort on. Our recommendation for those who are concerned or have experienced this condition in the past is to fish the calm, protected waters of the flats and backcountry where there is absolutely no such thing as a wave or seasickness. If you choose to fish offshore there are a number of excellent precautionary drugs such as Dramamine or Bonine available everywhere over the counter. To receive the full affect these aids suggest at least 45 minutes in your system prior to your charter’s departure. They will not work if you wait until your become sea sick before ingesting. Sorry but we do not refund due to seasickness.