June 2005 Fishing Report

Hello from Key West, This is captain Paul Tryon with Key West PRO Guides and Tailchaser Charters, here with your June fishing report:

Summer is finally here! After a great spring season, the warm temps move in and the summer fishery begins. The biat of choice still continues to be the Pilchards or “greenies” these baits are the best you could hope to fish with and they are pretty abundant if you know where to find them.

Here’s how things are shaping up…

The Gulfstream has averaged between 12 and about 39 miles to the south. As the winds start to blow from the south east with more consistency, we should see more weed lines forming and the dolphin fishing pick up. The scattered weed lines that we are finding are finding are holding some schoolies and on the deeper trolled lines we are picking up a few nice 20-30lb Dolphin. Just south of the reef anywhere from 30 feet to about 240 feet, we have been doing quite well on the Sailfish and the wrecks out to the west are producing lots of nice Black fin Tuna. We have been hooking them up both drifting and on the deep troll. Most of them have been pretty good size, averaging about 6 ˝ to 7 feet long. When trying for Sailfish, look for high flyers, or North American Frigate birds, there usually on some of the bigger fish.

Deep off the Reef:
Deeper of the reef, the Amberjack action continues to be very good. These brutes are easily taken with a 6 or 8 ounce jig, or large live bait like a pinfish or small yellowtail. The mutton spawn is in full swing, these fish are very easy to catch during the full moon and make for great table fare. The groupers are biting very good, lots of them averaging more than 30lbs. the gags and the blacks are the most abundant and seem to hit about anything.

The gulf wreck action has been really good. The Permit are all over them still and the schools are very big. These guys are tops when it comes to a great fighting fish and can definitely keep you on your toes. We have been using live crabs to get the hook ups and have averaged close to 20 boated each trip! 20 boated! The cobia action has been awesome, these tough fighters usually hang on the BIG bull sharks that hang around the wrecks in the summer and are very easy to fool with anything tossed their way. The Yellowtail action has been strong, most of the between 2 to 5 lbs. they like the deeper water 65-100feet and using the lighter fluorocarbon lines has definitely helped hook up the bigger ones.

Tarpon, Tarpon, Tarpon. Did I mention the Tarpon? Wow, what a season so far, the flats have been teaming with them, most averaging anywhere from 40 to 160lbs. The flats are covered with them and they have been quite easy to jump. Top water plugs have been outstanding, but the live mullet, are the best. The Permit have been working the edges hard and have been quite easy to hook with the smaller crabs. Bonefish are everywhere and the sharks and barracuda are all over the shallows. Sounds to good to be true? Flats fishing in the early summer is always spectacular.

This is Captain Paul Tryon, Give me a call to book your day with some of Key West s best guides here at Key West PRO Guides and have some fun fishing! Until next month, keep those reels screaming! For booking information with Key West PRO Guides or TailChaser Charters, you can call me at 305-296-6602 or visit my website:

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Tight lines,

Capt. Paul Tryon