August & September 2005 Fishing Report

Hello from Key West, This is captain Paul Tryon with Key West PRO Guides and Tailchaser Charters, here with your August and September fishing report:

August and September typically are a slower time for us than the rest of the year, not due to the fishing, but the lack of charters. With the threat of hurricanes coming our way each week, it’s hard for customers to plan their vacation to get down here. If you can get down this way, the fishing is great! Here’s how things are shaping up…..

The Gulf stream usually stays between 19 and 37 miles to our south. With the trade winds coming in from the SE, this makes for some really great weed lines. The dolphin that have been caught lately have been on the smaller side. Lots of chicken and schoolie Dolphin with the occasional teenager boated. The runs out to the bigger weed lines have been quite far and the results have been so-so. Closer in, around 250-400feet we have been doing pretty good on the bonito and skipjacks and the dolphin fishing seems to be as good as it would be running way out.

Deep off the Reef:
The deep wrecks are doing good for the AJ’s, but not much else. The current is either screaming to the east, screaming to the west or on the bad good days, dead. A little current to the west would be the best, but you have to take what you get. If you can get a nice live bait to the bottom, the drift have produced a few nice groupers, the largest lately at 52 lbs. nice blacks.

The yellowtail action has been very good, still getting the flags in around 4-5 lbs. It seems that after any of the storms pass through, the water stays a little cloudy and the yellowtails drop their guard, just a little and are fairly easy to hook and land. This would be a good thing, seeing as they can be a big pain the rest of the year. The groupers and snappers on the shallower reefs and wrecks are biting pretty good, lots of gags and blacks.

This is Captain Paul Tryon, Give me a call to book your day with some of Key West s best guides here at Key West PRO Guides and have some fun fishing! Until next month, keep those reels screaming! For booking information with Key West PRO Guides or TailChaser Charters, you can call me at 305-296-6602 or visit my website: or

Tight lines,

Capt. Paul Tryon