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Hello Capt. Paul!
I just wanted to tell you that my husband Dex and I had 2 of THE most memorable trips and also had the pleasure of fishing with 2 of the best Captains we have ever met – Captain Robbie Nevius for offshore fishing on 6/12 and Captain Johnny Irwin for some backwater excitement on 6/14.

Being avid fishermen, my husband and I were impressed with the skill, knowledge and sheer know-how of these 2 Captains. On our offshore trip with Captain Rob, we scored a total of 16 yellowtail snapper (16 1/2 if you count the half we got back from the shark!) and a huge mackerel. Rob was determined to get us into fish and boy did he ever! We learned alot from him that day.

On our back country trip with Captain Johnny, well, what can I say?? That was a trip that we wont soon forget! We were sooooo impressed with watching the tarpon rolling all around us! I got the first hookup and that lasted a measly 25 minutes until that big ole fish threw me back the hook. The sight of that beast come out of the water not once but twice if burned into my memory! Then I missed a hookup because I was so busy wanting to get pictures of the fish all around us and forgot that I was supposed to be fishing! Then my husband hooked up and let me tell you, I think Captain Johnny was smiling as big as my husband! With the Captain’s skill at the wheel, they landed the fish in 1.5 hours. It was an amazing thing to me.his skill was very impressive! He was also just a genuinely nice guy and he was hell bent on making our trip memorable. To make a long story short, the next day my husband started planning a 3-day fishing excursion to catch more of the big ones, both offshore and backcountry.

Thank you again for “hooking” us up with these great Captains!

Kandi Mejia
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Lacey, Washington

Hi Paul,
I just wanted to thank you again for a great day of fishing! Gary and I had a blast! I haven’t had a day like that since I was in Alaska. We will definitely go out with you again! Also, let me know when you get your shirts in. Gary and I would both like a long sleeved shirt in large.

Thanks again, Steve.

Capt. Paul,
I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoyed our charter with you. What a day! I couldn’t have asked for more. You put us on the fish and we killed them. I really look forward to our trip to the Keys next year so I can hook up with you.

P.S The weather here is cold but the memories of busting my biceps in the sun keeps me going.

Bob Platter

Paul Tryon requested I send him a picture of this catch. I caught this bull shark on the Tailchaser on Feb 10, 2007. Paul estimated the size of this bull shark to be 6ft 150 lbs.

I have several close-up pics of the shark itself, but this one shows me, the shark, the lure, the 30 lb line, and the fact that no steel lead was used.

The original picture was 3072×1728, but I resized it to 1024×683. If a certain dimension is necessary for the website please let me know and I will resend.

The whole trip was amazing. Everyone enjoyed it and we’re still telling the stories from that day at sea.

Greg Shasteen

Capt Paul –
thanks again for the great time. The snapper was great at the race tail-gate cocktail hour, baked tin-foil-dinner style over a mesquite traveling BBQ pit!

Here are pictures of Mike’s King. We’re sure it had smoked up good… Look forward to fishing with you again.

Tracy Bell
Michael Shelley

Capt. Paul,
Sorry that it has taken me so long to send these, you know how work is. Thank you for making this a life time memory for us, it was our 1st time to go salt water fishing. Oh by the way we are hooked, see you next spring. If possible the weekend of Memorial Day. Small narrative about the pictures # 9 is my 1st Permit hooked, # 11 landed 1st Permit, # 18 Her 1st Barracuda, # 20

Happy Cobia couple.

Hi Capt. Paul,
Thank you again for everything. All the guests who fished had a wonderful time and can’t wait to do it again. Hopefully next time I will be able to go out and check a big one. Thanks a million.

Erin Kante
Marketing Specialist
Bradley Corp.

Dear Paul,
Ann and I would like to thank you for the great fishing trips on April 24 and 26. The yellowtail snapper fishing on day one was a perfect way to start Ann off on her first fishing trip. Fishing the tower for permit on day two was awesome. The tower bite was really on hooking 19 permit and releasing 12 of them. The large Goliath grouper was a bonus. Thanks for everything and can’t wait to fish with you next spring!
Tight lines

Ann Lewis & Scott Hufford

Just an FYI that we had a great time last Monday (Me, Mike and his two kids – Maddie/Sean), and while we would have liked to catch more (particularly a Sail), ending with a double Permit with one getting eaten by a Hammerhead was pretty good! Manny-Sorry the second trip w/Mike and Maddie on Thursday didn’t work out.

Manny, what was that other fish we caught -I think you called it something like a gillenbeau? (blue fish – maybe 8 pounds?) Thanks again, and will absolutely keep you in mind for our future trips and refer anyone I know to you!

Bruce D. Maynard
National Sales Bank of America Card Services

Capt. Paul,
Hope this e-mail finds you well; Alexia, the kids and I had such a wonderful time with Capt. Ryon. The highlight of our trip was Mark catching the “biggest fish of his life”, his 32lb. Cobia (not to bad eating as well)! We were very upset with our charter from the other company we also decided to try the day before, I have never been yelled at before for missing a fish. We will be back next spring break with the kids and will be calling and sending everyone we know your direction. Your services were top notch and Capt. Ryon was amazing. Good luck and tight lines!

Steve McCullon
V.P. East Coast Pharmaceuticals

I am writing to you as you seem to be the one in charge of the group. Being a manager myself, I have had to deal with feedback of all kinds and love to hear when things are going great! Ryon was our captain and was very good. We had a great time. We would gladly charter him again and recommend him to anyone. This was the first trip for my wife and myself and we could have never expected to catch so many different fish in one day. We had a tough time deciding who to pick for our trip with all of the many different sites down there, I really appreciated your honesty in letting us know what was “really” biting! The groupers were the highlight of the trip, attached are a few photos, again tell Capt. Ryon thanks so much and we will be in touch for the next trip, thanks again.,

Best of Luck, Ken Hannon Kettering, Ohio

Captain Paul…
Just a note about our trip with your Super Grouper team, totally awesome, we had an unbelievable time with Capt. Ryan, great guide, great boat and lots of fish. you guys are the real deal!! I have been fishing my whole life and could have never been more pleased. I travel for work and meet lots of people that fish all over and will definitely send them your way. Keep up the good work, you guys ROCK!!!

Marty Gilbert

Hi Paul sorry that it took so long. Started thinking about coming back down your way, we just got home yesterday! Captain Ryan was a very nice guide, kept us on fish most of the day and had a great sense of humor. My wife has a bit nervous about leaving the dock but after she started catching fish she was hooked (no pun intended!) let me know when it is best to come for the Sailfish, my brother in law will come back with me. E-mail me the info so we can book again, we would love to go with Ryan if possible. Hope to see you next year.
Chris Whitford
Park City, Utah

Capt. Paul,
We arrived back in Toronto and have more than a foot of snow on the ground, my car was covered in snow and the power is out in the house, work stinks, I can’t even think about working right now, god we miss you and Key West! Marcy and I had an absolute blast fishing with you on your tailchaser! (still love the name) what a relaxing day. I still can’t believe the stamina of those permits. We can’t wait to see the mount when it gets up here, I bet no one knows what it is! Hopefully we will be able to get back down in ’07 I will send the pictures when I get them back from the store, good luck, send some sun this way if you can, bye
Josh & Marcy Cohen

Hi there, wanted to send a few shots back of the fish we caught last week on our fishing trip with the cheerio. Ryan was a really awesome guide, I really appreciate his patience with my kids, they want to come back right now! We wish we could have brought the fish back onto the cruise ship[ with us to eat. I’m sure it would have been better than the food onboard! Again, wanted to say thanks a lot, hopefully we will be back next summer
Jack, Carla, Todd & Alli

Captain Paul,
Here are some of the shots from our trip last week. The weather is cold back here in Connecticut, wish we were still out on your great boat. We enjoyed our trip with you immensely! Thank you for the perfect experience on the water.
Take care,
Beth and John

Capt. Paul,
Hey – we had a great trip at Christmas with Capt. Johnny. We caught fish all day!!! And I out fished my husband! We WILL be back!
Take Care!
Jane Bongo

KW Pro Guides,
I can’t stop thinking about our trip last week with Capt. Ryon. Never would I have thought we would actually say ‘uncle’. Ryon put us on more fish than I have ever thought possible. We landed, it seems like a hundred! I will pass your name to everyone here at the office that I even think will be coming to Florida, much less the Keys. Attached are six photos of our grouper, sailfish and some of the cobias. See you next spring, thanks you very, very much!!!!!
Mark Waston, Louisville, KY

Captain Paul,
We had a memorable fishing experience with you last Saturday (May 13th) and I am attaching the photo of the large Yellowtail that you asked me to send. We ended up having the filets from this one at the Hurricane Hole restaurant and the Mutton Snapper filets the next evening. They were delicious!
Thanks again,
Heike and Paul Intagliata

Capt. Paul,
Sorry that it has taken me so long to send these, you know how work is. Thank you for making this a life time memory for us, it was our 1st time to go salt water fishing. Oh by the way we are hooked, see you next spring. If possible the weekend of Memorial Day. Small narrative about the pictures # 9 is my 1st Permit hooked, # 11 landed 1st Permit, # 18 Her 1st Barracuda, # 20 Happy Cobia couple.
Thanks a million,
Dennis Higdon


Paul, I just wanted to say thanks for the trip last Saturday, its so much fun to fish with someone who truly enjoys the sport. We look forward to doing it again in the spring. One last request, where can i get a hook removal tool like the one you were using? it would make rays and cats so much easier to release. Thanks again Greg&Bev r.

Capt. Paul, We had a blast fishing with you. Key West was so nice. I am having the Dolphin in the water blown up to frame for our patio. We had a great time and next time we are in the Keys we will book you. Thanks for everything!

R. Thompson

Dear Pro Guides, Just wanted to drop a line to show tell you how much fun we had with Capt. Ryon on the Cheerio last week. Jeff’s Mutton snapper was delicious and his arms were sore from the two BIG amberjacks. Thanks for the recommendation; we’re your customers for life!

Chris and Shannon H.
Memphis, Tenn.

Captain Paul, this is Steve S. My uncle, Jon, and I wanted to thank you for the awesome time we had out on your boat yesterday. All of those barracudas we caught really made our day. My dad is really exited and can’t wait to get the mount of his big black grouper. We’ll call you next year to go again and this time the big one is mine. Take care

Steve S.
Atlanta, GA.

Dear Pro Guides,
Thanks for the trip Friday. We all had a great time. Most importantly, the wives enjoyed it – makes it easier to do the Tortugas trip.

Nat Hill

Capt. Paul…. just a quick line to tell you of our fishing experience with Capt. Robbie. What a great trip. Two sailfish, a 39lb. Wahoo and two mutton snappers that nearly broke our arms. Capt. Robbie was a true professional, he’s our new guide of choice on our next Key West vacation, thanks again. Todd M. Deland, FL.

Capt. Paul,

Hi, my husband and I came to Key West a few weeks ago on the cruise ship ‘Enchantment of the Seas’. We just wanted to drop a line to say that we had a fabulous time on our charter. Capt. Johnny Irwin was our captain and what a nice guy. All we wanted was to catch was a few fish, just bend a rod and enjoy the afternoon. Never did we expect to hook and land a 150lb. Tarpon! It took us over an hour and my husband says he has never even seen a fish so big. Our fishing trip was the highlight of our vacation, thanks a million…..

Trev and Barb
Bend, OR.

Hello Paul, I would like to say we enjoyed our trips out and we would like to thank you for an excellent 2 days fishing with you. Now were back in the UK and we are freezing our @#$%^&*’s off so we have decided to book another vacation 1 week in Disney land and 2 weeks in key west at the same hotel (first 2 weeks in January) so we would appreciate if you would please take us out again over the 2 weeks but on several more occasions this time. All the best and god bless (TIGHTLINES) Robert, Kirsty, Carl.& Elliott

Captain Robbie,
A quick note to say that you really showed us what great fishing is all about. Trish and I had a fantastic time on our excursion. Three Sailfish, all to the boat, what an experience. We didn’t know what to expect, that was our third trip and the others were not nearly as fun. You are our new guide! See you next year. Mark and Sara, Newport, RI.

Capt. I sure wish I would have talked to you last year when some buddies and I went to Key West to fish for a few days. We were less than satisfied in our two days of fishing with another outfit. Our first day ended up being less than a half day because the boat was having trouble with the motor. We spent more time just sitting there trying to get the darn boat to work. We fished in the marina on a shallow wreck and caught a few 5 pound groupers. NOT what we were looking for!!! We wanted BIG fish. And our second was a less than eventful day of fishing in the back country and then a few hours in the marina for night tarpon. We loved Key West, but regret spending all of that money on a very poor fishing experience. Your outfit delivered what you sold us, great fishing. I WILL be back and WILL send everyone I know to your site. Thanks for everything!

Frank H.
Racine, WI

Key West Pro Guides,
I rarely give complements, but I have to say you guys were first class all the way! Capt. Robbie was super, my husband and I have never fished before and were stunned to catch 11 Black Fin tuna and the biggest grouper in the whole wide world! We could have never imagined fishing could be that good. Our kids want to come back next summer and spend a week! Better start saving now, thanks for a memorable experience. Shelly A.

Capt. Tryon,
Wanted to say thanks for a good time last week, even with the bad weather, we still made it out and caught some fish. I took the fish to the half shell and they did a superb job, great advice, Alex is very excited about Tarpon fishing next spring, we’ll look you up again, good fishing! Trent D. Tampa FL.

Captain Johnny,
HI there, this is Cheryl from Pensacola. We fished with you on your boat a few weeks ago and just wanted to say thanks. My boyfriend and I both had a great time and the picture of the Permit came out really great, I’ll send you a copy in the e-mail. We hope to visit Key West soon, we would love another trip on the flats, again, thanks.

hey paul

here are some of the pictures from the trip on tuesday. we had a great time and can’t wait to fish with you again when the weather is nicer. The cobia were great, rick says they taste better than grouper! You were right. I’m glad we found you, now we only need better weather! See ya.


To KW Pro Guides,
We fished with your capt. Ryon three weeks ago and simply had a great time. Ryon was very knowledgeable and professional and had a great sense of humor. We limited out on yellowtails and even brought in a few nice AJ’s. I highly recommend your services to anyone looking to catch lots of fish, no excuses with you guys! Till next time Joe M.

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