What can any of us do about the weather? It is always a consideration in any outdoor excursion. Our policy on bad weather is quite simple and completely fair to our guests. We monitor our local weather constantly if any remotely trouble-some conditions are approaching the island. We collect our weather data from multiple sources but do not rely on television forecasts originating from Miami over 120 miles from our location. The ‘generic’ land forecasts do not apply to the surrounding waters around us. The National Weather Service has to forecast a 120 mile long chain of islands, there is always a chance for rain. We rely on a marine forecast that changes depending on what body of water we fish. Please consult with us with respect to the weather the day of your trip. Cancellations due to weather or sea conditions are always at the captain’s discretion. If our captain cancels due to inclement weather you will be refunded your deposit in full. Of course we will try to reschedule your charter based upon our availability later in your stay or for future dates and/or return visits to Key West. It is important to understand if after conversation between guest and captain we leave our docks on questionable days a minimum of a ½ day charter rate will be charged to cover our expenses. Click here for additional cancellation details.