This business and website is owned by and operated by active, local Key West guides, not booking agents. We are intimately involved in our services as we earn our living daily from the water. Many companies have found it easier to merely book charters for commission by simply contracting your reservation out to any available hired captains, rather than actually guide themselves. Most of these businesses are not operated by experienced fishermen or professional Captains at all. They have zero actual knowledge of our local waters and fishing grounds, fishing seasonal patterns, migratory pelagic species, technics, etc. They are very gifted “talkers” working from a written script in many instances. Is this who you want to trust your charter to? We think not!

We produce our services. Every individual at Key West Pro Guides you come in contact with from your initial email or telephone call throughout your entire experience with us will be a true professional with years in the private charter fishing business IN KEY WEST! From reservations to front office to guide team and support staff, you will see us the morning of your trip, all day long and when the trip is compete. We truly take our business full circle and in house to provide you the best possible charter in Key West.