Seasickness (motion discomfort) may or may not affect people differently. We do not want this to happen to you, so we advise to take precautions!

If you are planning an inshore trip, seasickness is very unlikely. However, if you are going offshore, you should definitely consider some form of medication, patch and/or wrist band to help prevent seasickness. The most common motion sickness products are Bonine (preferred by most guests) and Dramamine. We have found that taking a dose before the evening before your charter and a dose first thing in the morning helps tremendously.

The evening before your charter, take it easy! Key West is known for being a party town. Save the celebration for the night after your charter. Avoid excessive drinking and staying up late, we see this as the #1 cause of seasickness.

Should your charter ask to return early because of seasickness, you will be responsible for full payment of your reserved charter, regardless of length of time spent on the water or remaining on the charter. There will be no refund of the charter deposit due to a trip being terminated early due to seasickness.