Unfortunately, we do not, nor does any professional private charter fishing operation in Key West offer “split” or shared charters. You will find a few booking agents that offer it, but they are simply in it for the cash….. Let us explain.

Although quite common in some fishing destinations this practice was halted several years ago here on the island and frankly for very good reason. You see, Key West is truly a world class-fishing destination, anglers from around the world travel here to pursue our sport fish and pelagic species year round. Two things come of this…there is never an “off season” to fish here and the caliber of many of the anglers on the water any given day is typically very high and therefore demanding of the captain/guide. The ability for us to find two different parties interested in fishing on the same day for the same length of trip, wanting to target the same species, having equaled or like angling skills which is paramount, etc. is just impossible. Our poor captains typically found it impossible to keep everybody aboard happy and satisfied with their experience. The last thing we want is to have you step off our boats with anything other than a memory of a lifetime fishing adventure. For that reason, you will not find this type of charter available in Key West.

Because we believe this is “your day” we much prefer to tailor the charter to exactly the experience you are hoping for. We can take all of the factors at hand into consideration, date of your trip, length of time on the water, targeted species and type of fishing gear & equipment, your party’s skill levels and experience on the water, etc. and create the perfect adventure for just “you”. This ensures you of a perfect fishing trip and worth every penny! The day is all about you and your group enjoying the best that Key West has to offer…the best fishing, best guides, best equipment and no question the best results.