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Why Key West PRO Guides is different!

The Key West Pro Guides team wants you to enjoy the fishing experience you deserve. Not all charter fishing operations in Key West are the same. Remember, you are not booking a hotel room or purchasing an airplane ticket...the success of your fishing charter lies wholly on the knowledge, experience and "YES" attitude of your guide.

There are several "red flags" to watch for when booking a private fishing charter in Key West. Do not assume you are working with a knowledgeable professional with years of experience in the charter fishing business, frankly outside of Key West Pro Guides there are very few. Why would you trust your safety and hard-earned dollars booking with a concierge driven only by a commission and with no real concern of the outcome of your charter?

Beware of booking agents or any companies that:

  • Ask you to sign a contract or written form to 'lock you in' for your date. This is an obvious sign of a commission driven agent. Understand the next person these agents talk to might be to book a hot air balloon ride or to purchase a Trolley Ticket. They work from a list of telephone numbers and typically know little or nothing about the experience of the person or quality of boat you will be fishing.
  • Won't tell you who your guide will be before your trip. Can't is a better word for it because the agent doesn't know themselves. There process becomes simply calling around trying to hire out any available guide to run your trip while taking a healthy 25-30% commission for their efforts.
  • Charge sales tax, this is simply a SCAM to make both the guide and the agent another 7.5% in their pocket. Florida tax laws do not require sales tax on fishing charters. Sales tax does not apply to fishing charters under any circumstances, ever!
  • Charge a booking or reservation fee! This again is simply a SCAM to line the booking agents pocket with a little more of your cash! Why is it necessary to charge a fee to reserve your captain when there is the income from your charter rate itself to pay all expenses incurred?
  • Do not mention any additional fees unless you specifically ask them. Thus avoiding getting blindsided at the end of your charter with a fuel surcharge which could easily be an additional few hundred dollars plus for a full day charter.
  • Subcontract a part-time guide for you. Anyone less than a full time resident guide should be a warning and totally unacceptable for you. There are several guides every year making their way here to work for the "season". These guides typically do not know our waters or species of fish much beyond you. This is in no way indicative of the quality guides and fishing available for you in Key West which is a world class fishing location. Note: most reputable or experienced resident guides in Key West will at the very least own their own boat and be fully licensed and insured.
  • Refer you to a part time or any guide with less than 10 years of commercial and or charter fishing experience in Key West! True Key West guides earn their livelihood on the water! This is the first step in ensuring you with safe, a high quality, productive fishing trip.

Key West fishing is legendary in large part because of the veteran guides that put their hearts and souls into the business. Professionalism in the charter fishing industry will never be about how fast your boat runs or how many decals you can put on its sides. Flashy websites are typical when the guide has little to offer. Beware of the guide that has Duval Street "barkers" offering their charters to the crowds passing by a booth on the street. These are the guides that cannot fill their calendar with repeat business. This should shout volumes to you!

Key West fishing is about spending a perfect day on the water, having a great time catching fish and enjoying the experience. Make sure whomever you pick for your charter truly has your best interests at heart and isn't simply looking to get you out on the water at all costs to make a quick buck.

Our team of veteran professional guides fish from state of the art fishing vessels all specifically designed, equipped and outfitted for our waters. With leading edge technology at their fingertips our team relies upon fifteen years plus experience on average fishing Key West. These native born and raised mostly second and third generation charter fishing guides have set the standard for success and customer service in Key West for the past 20 plus years.

Proudly, Key West Pro Guides is sponsored by or affiliated with the industry's leading manufacturers such as Yellowfin, Conch and Pathfinder boats, Yamaha, Mercury and Suzuki outboards, Shimano, Fin-Nor and Daiwa rods and reels, Power Pole, Temple Fork Outfitters and countless additional wonderful people in the professional angling world.

When making your decision to hire a guide, ask these few simple questions:

  1. Who will be your guide and how long has he/she been guiding in Key West?
  2. How many days a year does this guide actually guide the type of fishing charter you are interested in experiencing?
  3. Are they a "hired captain" for a boat livery type company or a fully insured Coast Guard licensed, approved, full time professional independent owner/operator. How about a reference to support their claims of experience, notable catches, etc.
  4. Have you, Mr. Agent, ever actually been fishing with this guide? Ever been onboard his boat?

Hiring a guide incurs an expense; don't find out the hard way that you picked a guide with little or no experience. Worse yet went with a company that, at the end of the day, sees you as "just another trip".

Please browse through our site, check us out as we will stand your scrutiny, then call us direct at 866 259 4205 for exactly the fishing adventure you are searching for...we look forward to your call soon at toll free 866 259 4205...let's go fishing! Come experience great Key West fishing!