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No Hired Guides

Here at Key West Pro Guides, we strongly believe that a charter guide should have a vested interest in what they do. Many large charter companies have found it easier to buy a few boats and either contract out or hire guides with little or no experience to run their trips.

This unfortunate practice started about ten years ago as a way for a few independent guides with good reputations to make little more money and have others run trips in their name. Too many of these hired guides, it is a way of learning on the job on someone else's dime (yours!). There are a few exceptions to this line of thought, but is taking the chance worth your trip of a lifetime?

You will find that nearly all independent guides frown on this type of operation because more often than not, the level of productivity, the skill level of your guide and the quality of their equipment is substandard, something all independent guides take very seriously.

Remember, Key West fishing is so good because of the guides that put their hearts and souls into it. Key West fishing is about spending a great day on the water, having a great time catching fish and enjoying the day. Make sure who ever you pick for your day, truly has your best interests at heart and isn't simply looking to get you out on the water at all costs to make a buck.