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BackCountry Fishing

  • Captain Paul Tryon
  • Captain Ryan Carter
  • Captain Anthony Solmo
  • Captain John Jackson
  • Captain David Lamb
  • Captain Jared Gulas
  • Captain Jason Wells
  • Captain Dave Brucker
  • Captain Johnny Irwin
  • Captain David Irwin

  • "The Back Country" in Key West refers to a location as well as a form of light tackle fishing.

    Visualize mile after mile of pristine shallow waters flowing across flats and around isolated mangrove out islands while forming into bays and remote estuaries within the Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge. These calm, protected waters and the flora and fauna of the area complete a sanctuary of immeasurable beauty and serenity for the outdoor enthusiast.

    To the angler, the Key West back country is the very pinnacle of world-class light tackle fishing. Legendary species roam these distant waters such as Tarpon, Bonefish and Permit from the flats. Redfish and Snook rule the mangrove island shore lines while massive schools of Sea Trout, Lady Fish and Jack Crevalle govern the grassy bays and basins, all the while giant Barracuda and several species of Shark hold high court over them all.

    The Back Country provides constant action throughout the day. Non-technical fishing by nature, even the first time angler will enjoy success here. For the experienced, these waters offer access to the ultimate challenge of fly fishing as well. The perfect choice for family, group and corporate outings, the Key West back country leaves an indelible mark on the memory forever...